Installation from downloaded disk image

I downloaded the Haiku anyboot image with intentions to install it to a virtual machine but it would not install. I left it for a few days and came back to it yesterday, with the same result.

I really liked BeOS back in the day and ran my whole small business on it. I would like to use Haiku as I did BeOS but I cannot until I am successful getting it installed, at least on a VM.

I hope you can help.

David Watts

Hi there,

What are you using to create the VM? What happens when you attempt to install?


You can use VirtualBox, it’s a free software for make virtual machine. Haiku work on it.

You must create a new Virtual Machine with a virtual Hard drive with about for example 10 Gio of hard disk space.
And mount the ISO file of anyboot image into the virtual optical drive of your VirtualBox machine.

Welcome to Haiku! :grin:

You may want to check this part of the Haiku website:
The webpage provides handy information for virtualizing Haiku in different virtualization environments.