Installation failure

When trying to reinstall haiku on an existing haiku partition, i’m gettin an error that doublicate
files exist, although i agreed at the beginning on overwriting system files and only keep setting

Can anybody prove that beaviour or is that just because i copied personal files onto the desktop?

Currently this is not working, indeed. It’s not a good way to update an existing Haiku system with packages (package installation and deinstallation scripts may not be run, for example). It’s not really a great way to get a clean install, either.

I think we’ve been discussing this in a ticket on the bugtracker todecide what we want to do exactly. I’d say this should be considered as some kind of “recovery mode”, to fix a desperately broken Haiku install, but not as a normal upgrade way. So we may decide to overwrite settings and a few other system files in that case, to make sure we get things back into a bootable state.

I didn’t expect it to be the recommaned way to update an existing Haiku system. But if that
one isn’t starting anymore (the case here) or if the space is limited (the problem on another
windows and linux installation) i think it is an interesting option to just update an os via installation
media if somehow possible.