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I have a laptop that I am using for Haiku. Previously I have installed it to the HD. But, in order to get it to boot I have to initalize the Raw Device as Haiku. If I try to initalize with “Intel Partition Map” then create/initalzie a partition and install. Everything looks fine in Hard Drive Setup but it fails to boot. All I get is a blinking cursor on the top left.

Because of this I have simply done the initalzie the entire raw drive as haiku. But I want to do it the right way. I must be an idiot, I used to install BeOS without any issues. I must be doing something wrong in drive setup.

I want to use the entire drive, no need to worry about multipul partitions.

So, can somone point me to the directions for installing to HD. I have followed the ones I have seen online but still can’t get it to install like it is supposed to.

When you initalize an “Intel Partition Map”, DriveSetup doesn’t install any MBR boot code unless the disc is blank. So you have to copy it from the “anyboot.img” disk image file.

Start DriveSetup to find the actual device_path for your target drive

Open Terminal and type the following command to install the MBR boot code from the source image (or source drive) to the target drive (adapt the command, to your actual device_paths):

dd if=anyboot.img of=/dev/disk/ata/0/master/raw bs=440 count=1

if is your source disk image file (you can also use a drive device path)
of is your target drive
bs is the size of the block to copy - in bytes (here, the size of the boot code area). If you don’t want overwrite the partitions table, don’t exceed 440 bytes !
count is the number of block to copy

Why don’t we suggest this in

Haiku/BeOS Using the Terminal

it’s done in

Windows Using dd for Windows

, I’m pretty much of the opinion it used to be written there, but anyway.

And again,

dd if=anyboot.img of=/dev/disk/ata/0/master/raw bs=440 count=1

what’s the command to
find out what my harddrives are using the Haiku terminal, and partitions if I had any,

the of part

, as I have two and I don’t want to install into the running operating system.

This one,

sudo fdisk -l
translated from Linux to Haiku.

The command that lists all drives connected to my PC, that’d be really awesome to get me here,

dd if={boot/}mountableisoimages/anyhaikuiso.img of={oneofmyharddrives} bs=1M

Wishing you all the best
Many thanks

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I would harldy discourage to use the dd command, as the resulting “partition” on your harddisk will only be the size of the image.

As i can see from you post you did already created a bootdisk or boot usb stick and partitioned the
your drive. - Please correct me if i am wrong.
Just install the os over with the installer.

If still dont boot, i would suggest two things:
Open a terminal and typ in

makebootable /HaikuMountpoint

Where you replace HaikuMountpoint with the Path to your HaikuMountpoint :smiley:

If it still dont boot then i suggest you install a the Bootmanager

if you dont use serveral OS on this computer you can set the timeout to 0
so you will never see the booman menu showing up.