Install from anyboot usb

I’m running the r1alpha2 anyboot image (md5’s checked out) from a usb stick on an Acer Aspire One (AOA150, from the 8.9" series). The live os runs beautifully (kudos btw), but it never shows the option to install during boot. (as in It just goes directly from the black splash screen to the desktop. I tried booting in safe mode just to see but it didn’t show up there either. Any suggestions?

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Thanks, worked like a charm :slight_smile:

Thanks for trying the alpha :slight_smile:
Currently, booting from usb is no different than running from an internal disk (there is no logic yet to detect that it is a small removable media and that you might want to install from it). So all you have to do is to manually start Installer found in the ‘Applications’ menu.

By the way, it’s mentioned in the usb stick guide linked on the get-haiku page, though i agree this should be improved.