Install CD

Just wanted to check, are there downloadable images yet which has a Haiku installer in it? I mean so I can burn an install CD and play with Haiku?

Nope. There won’t be any official cd images until things become more usable and stable. I don’t know when that will be, but I expect that we will see some very interesting things happen this year.

I am very eager for this. BeOS and Zeta don’t work on my system at the moment and I’m really bummed that I don’t have my Be.

h_ank wrote:
I am very eager for this. BeOS and Zeta don't work on my system at the moment and I'm really bummed that I don't have my Be.

I think the system is still a bit rough for an “Install CD” – i have a 2gb HD I’ve been installing Haiku on to test boot on various machines - and it’s still pretty flaky for any kind of use beyond a test boot and maybe trying a couple apps before things start to go bad.

However, if there was a jam rule to create an “LiveCD” ISO, that would be pretty slick and make it easier to test-boot… assuming Haiku will run from a LiveCD yet.

in short:
-dumping haiku.image on a Fat32 partition.
-booting a BeOS CD and restart the Desktop
-use to mount haiku.image
-manually copy its contents to the destination BFS partition.

a slight variation:
burning a BeOS (bootable) CD and including haiku.image as the last data track on the cd.
eg: track1: boot_cd.img, track2:, track3: haiku.image

When booting that cd, haiku.image should automatically mount and you can use it as a source in Installer.