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Hello, I am a romantic love BeOS, user-level, like Haiku. I’ve always loved investigating on my own self and like I said I’m just a user without extensive programming knowledge. Maybe it’s the right place, I live in Spain and am interested in finding a number of books and papers to follow in my online self. I wonder if someone could help me providing me any, for pdf.
I’m looking for are “The BeOS Bible” by Scot Hacker, “Be Developer’s Guide” by The Be Development Team, “Be Advanced Topics” The Be Development Team and “Programming the Be Operating System” Dan Parks Sydow.
I have ever asked but I AbeBooks THROUGH Unfortunately we do not seem to answer To Have Those titles in stock at the moment.
Thank you very much in advance to all

Programming the Be Operating System is available at

There are other programming guides for Haiku at

In particular you might want to look at the lessons by DarkWyrm

There is a Beos Bible for sale on Uk Ebay.