Increase serial debugging output?

Is there any way to increase the verbosity of the serial debugging during boot up? Something like a kernel parameter or during compile time?

During compile time, you can #define “TRACE” or similar macros in many source files. Usually you do this only on the parts you are interested in debugging, because if you enabled everything, the log would be much too verbose to find anything. And, the serial port being slow, it would also make the computer crawl while it waits for the bytes to be sent there (even the default logging has a noticeable impact on boot time when you have a serial port).

Thanks for the info. I will check what I can find here. If I add some code to a driver what is the best way to transfer the compiled code to the machine in question? I mean, currently I use jam @image to create a new haiku image. My testing machine can’t boot from USB, only from CD. Booting Haiku in safe mode from HDD works. But how can I install the new kernel package to the machine? With pkgman?

The simplest way would be to compile just the driver you change, blacklist the original one from the package, and copy the modified driver to the non-packaged directory.
Ideally, you could test drivers by building and running a network boot image, but last time I tried, the feature was broken.

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