Improvements to Haiku Download Pages

It has happened in other threads with similar discussions wherein some suggested hiding them, like this one.

In any case, I just don’t think that any changes to the downloads pages should ever hide or place nightlies somewhere they’re harder to find. There are legitimate usecases for non-developers using nightlies such as HW support or bugfixes not found in the latest beta. Those folks shouldn’t get discouraged from using nightlies.

Perhaps a compromise can be made by having a repo that non-developer and non-tesing nightly users can use to get the same packages without moany of the extra debug bits? Not too fond about this one as it would mean rebuilding packages twice, but it’s the only other one that I could think of.

Although in all honesty, the current status quo is largely good enough. Maybe add another warning or a couple about nightlies on the Get Haiku page just to hammer home what nightlies are and the risks of using them. These already exist on the Downloads page, but people should prolly get informed about them as soon as possible.

Yes, I agree. Nothing needs to be changed. The nightlies are easy to find for people who need them, but they are not pushed to people who don’t know what they need.

So let’s close this argument and focus on the main topic here: the download page is long and has a lot of text and other choices the user needs to make (picking a mirror, etc). This is the part we should simplify.


Fair enough. Let’s ensure that the revised download page makes this clear. And let’s hope that new releases will follow at shorter intervals.

I’ve been running Haiku in VirtualBox for years now, never really used QEMU, and to this date pleased how it works for me :slight_smile: