Importing data/apps to Haiku@VMWare

Mellow greetings!

I finally installed a VMWare image of Haiku on my new notebook. After a few months without BeOS it’s a relieve to see a familiar face again! :slight_smile:

Playing around with the bundled apps is nice, but I’d really like to see which 3rd party software already work. How can I get apps/data from either a BFS backup CD or from a dowload from within Windows (NTFS formatted HD)?

Or is that impossible yet?

I seem to be able to ping my HD-Satreceiver. ftp and wget refuse to connect though.
Any ideas anyone?

Haiku rocks!
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The two methods I use most often are:

a) Download the programs/files you would like to access, and add them to a CD image using your favorite program (I prefer WinISO on Windows), and then simply tell VMware to use this image as your CD drive. You can then mount the drive in Haiku and you’re on your way.

b) Create a new virtual machine in VMware, and install BeOS Max. Then in your Haiku virtual machine, add the BeOS Max’s VMware hard drive as a second drive. Under Haiku, simply mount that drive and you have full access to your BeOS Max volume (with all the cool bundled programs that come with it). You could probably bypass installing BeOS Max in the first place and simply tell VMware to use the Max CD image as the CD drive (like method A above). I prefer using the Max hard drive because it’s more flexible and allows you to download new programs under Max and use them in Haiku.

As for being able to ping but not use wget, etc… you may need to add your DNS server into /etc/resolv.conf before you can use hostnames in addition to IP addresses:

echo “” > /etc/resolv.conf (replacing the IP with your DNS server of course)

I apologise for my rudely delayed reply. I initially had no time to experiment any further and kinda… well… forgot about it. Sorry.

Anyway, I tried a current VM-image and am now able to use ftp and wget. Also got Haiku’s first ftp app FtpPositive which works quite nicely. Cool! :slight_smile:

I’d really love to try out Net+ under Haiku, but I only find .pkg archives that cannot yet be unpacked in Haiku. Can anybody provide/point to a zipped archive?

There’s one problem though. When I download an app and install it, it works only in that session. After rebooting the system I always get an alert when starting an app, telling me the app is “not an executable”. What’s going on?

This is getting exciting!

Any time you modify the disk image/partition, it’s probably best to run “sync” from a Terminal window. This flushes any in-memory cache to the disk because Haiku’s kernel doesn’t automatically do this on a schedule yet IIRC. This should hopefully help prevent the post-reboot headaches you’re seeing.

Thanks for the hint, but sadly it doesn’t help.
sync’ing takes quite a while, but on the next restart it’s the same problem. I knew I read about that one before and now found the mailing list post:

I have the exact same problem as Karl.
Oh well, at least the necessary re-installing of the apps is a breeze.
It is strange though, as this only seems to happen to additionally installed apps. Haiku-provided programs are as of yet uneffected.
I do have another problem when quitting the vmware player. But I’ll open another thread for that.

Thanks guys!