[IMPORTANT] Dell Social Innovation Challenge

Just discovered that ReactOS it’s on it (http://www.dellchallenge.org/projects/reactos
)… what about Haiku ?

Note that the first place brings a grant of $60k, the second $40k, the third $20, 4th and 5th place each brings $10k !

About challenge: http://www.dellchallenge.org/learn/what-dsic

Sign-up: http://www.dellchallenge.org/user/register

Entries are due by January 28, 2013.

Hope that helps.

Have you consider putting this info on the developer’s forum?

May be this would get more attention on the Haiku-mailing list.

We had something along this line 2 years ago. Then it was only 1,000 EUR for the top-1000 registered societies. We didn’t make it back then. I doubt and would be astonished and ashamed (what an extraordinary mix of emotions…) if we got a check over $60,000 instead of some organization fighting hunger, thirst or illiteracy in the world.

But I understand of course that the prospect of a $x0,000 grant is appealing on first sight. :slight_smile:

…but note there’s a TECHNOLOGY section, so i don’t believe that “not-so-important” projects would surclass social ones…

60k won’t do wonders for any social project… those require millions probably even billions and thats if they are just teaching people how to do things not actually giving them anything. However… 60k would do wonders for Haiku especially I think if it was targeted at application porting and development. Since we almost have 3d acceleration these days and Haiku itself is pretty solid in most cases.

I’d be interested actually in what social programs you think could better use the money?

I’d be interested actually in what social programs you think could better use the money?

Personally, about every winner of last years’ challenges.
Anyway, posting a link and saying “someone do the work” is cheap. It looks like there’s some work involved creating the web page for a possible entry. Also, it seems only university students can participate.


I missed the list of previous projects all look pretty impressive… that said they’ll need alot more to actually complete anything but hey seed money is seed money I guess.

…note also that ReactOS with (just) 62 votes leads the 2013 Technology section…

React OS could probably use that money, so why not support them. It’s not like we need to compete on everything.

Because if it deserves it it will get the money if not… well then it wont.

That said I think it doesn’t as it really has barely improved over the last several years sure its been refactored alot but it is still very buggy even in qemu last I checked months back.