iMac installation, freezes after boot

Hello everyone, last week it dared to install Haiku on my main computer, it is an 2.4 Core i5 iMac with 12 GB of memory. The installation was successful but it freezes after boot. Has anyone successfully installed Haiku on these machine? Can someone point me to the right direction to fix the installation ?

Thanks you for answer, although I already knew how to get into safe mode. I manage to boot it under video safe mode only and by unplugging the ethernet cable.

I used many combinations but all of them had safe mode enabled and by accident I left it unmarked and leave only video safe mode and unplugged my ethernet cable. I read somewhere about deleting the video drivers and I already did but it keeps freezing, I’m not sure if I should delete them a lll except for VESA but I already deleted NVIDIA RADEON and INTEL also some ATI but there are no changes.

Strangely enough I read that there was no support for Apple’s mice and keyboard but it appears they work although if one turn them off they won’t be recognized again after turning them back on.

Have you tried running one of the nightly images (
The alpha release is more than one year old now, and it’s possible some of your issues are already fixed.

Thank you, yes I used the latest nightly build at the moment of installing it. I was actually surprised that the Live CD worked, I was excited about using it in my main computer more often.