iMac 2006 does not boot independently

I have reinstalled MacOS 10.7.5 to my 2006 iMac as, frankly, getting Haiku going
is more trouble than it is worth.

I may yet try it on a 32-bit non-Mac laptop.

This is how I plan to do it (I just need to fix my broken disk first)

  1. Boot to apple recovery mode (OPT + R).
  2. Setup my disk partitions using Apples DiskUtility
  3. Reboot
  4. Holding ALT to enter boot menu. Select my USB 64 bit Haiku (Nightly) to boot Haiku.
  5. Run installer (Setup Haiku Partition) on Large partition.
  6. Boot again using USB iso. Boot to desktop.
  7. Install EFI från second partition of the USB memory.
  8. If all steps succeeds, have a large beer.
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You might need to instal rEFInd booloader as you can run into or

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I tried everything to boot from hard disk on my 2007 aluminum iMac. Installed manually the boot loader following guidelines, used refind, everything. I can only boot hard disk Haiku by booting from Haiku CD, pressing space to give options and selecting hard disk partition to boot. Nothing else worked :frowning:

Have you tried running rEFInd off the USB drive?

Can’t boot anything from USB on this iMac, unfortunately. Unless it’s MacOS…
No problem though, I hope that next week I will give feedback for Haiku on a Thinkpad T450s I bought today :slight_smile:

What year/model Mac are you using? (Sorry if I missed it earlier).

Edit: My bad. Found it.

What happens if you try a legacy install (Intel/MBR table, normal install) from the Haiku DVD? Will it boot from this?

Until now I tried to maintain my Snow Leopard installation so I didn’t give the whole disk to Haiku. Maybe I will try it someday in the future…