I'm a Newbie!

Hey there,

I am a Windows user generally, but I also use Mac OS X. I went to a computer museum the other day, there was a computer that had a operating system called ‘BeOS’ I loved the look of it, it looked so much better then other OS’s. I did some research when I got home and I came across Haiku. I have downloaded the VM version and I am loving it. I am now even thinking of installing it to dual boot with Windows.

I want to see this OS be a big thing.

Thanks for developing a great OS!

Welcome :slight_smile:

We are all Newbie’s in the begining :wink:

I’m also a windows user, have tested linux and freebsd but if I’m going to use a slow system (compared to BeOS) I can stick with windows ;)… now I’m doing all my develpment in Haiku

Make sure to check out the Haiku User Guide, as it is pretty handy!


I’m interested in where you saw the computer - and was it one of the fabled BeBox?

Since you regularly use Windows, have used Mac OS X, and are new to Haiku I am curious to know what your first impressions are, what parts do you like, what parts do you not like? First impressions are valuable and help us to improve the product.

I really like Haiku. I like the layout of the desktop, I find it better than the Windows Desktop because of the start bar design. I have actually been using haiku more than windows. I’m not too sure about some of the programs that are built into the OS. But generally I like it. I might start developing programs for it. I have for Mac and Windows, but never for another OS.