Ikon Distro

Found this on the Web: http://www.ikongui.com/
Does somebody know something about this OS/Haiku Distro?
Looks like a very young project and there isnt much info on the website.

Why use Ikon when you can download & use Haiku iso or image for free or pay $20 for Alpha1 CD ( to support Haiku developers )?

I looked over the Ikon site and very hard to tell what it offers for the $40. Only 3 screenshots to look at which tell me nothing. I could not find any mention of included software or changes either, etc.

The information is very limited on Ikon website for a reason. I really think you will gain nothing extra from Ikon OS.

Haiku is MIT license so people can take the source/binary, re-package it and re-sell it for profit. What has happened here.

Plenty of people trying to make money with others work…

nothing new…

Is Andrew Boehringer family related with Bernd Korz ? :wink: