Ideas for GCI 2016

Hi everyone,

Soon Google will unleash its Google Code-In again where students age 13-17 swarm to mentoring open source projects and work on various small to medium sized tasks. Haiku will probably once again be part of it, as it was the past 6 years.

Tasks can range from documentation and artwork to PR, giving talks, writing guides or workshops, porting software and creating haikuports recipes, improving existing ports or native applications or creating new ones.

If you have ideas for tasks that may be suitable for students, please post them in a comment.


We still have a bunch of old format recipes in git, migrating and updating them should be a must, so that the repository is cleaner for bots.

Beautiful would be a tour of haiku as a simulated run. So a “nice female” or “masculine” agree with the basic functions and basic settings explained.

There are some example ideas up on our wiki/bug tracker here.

Haiku developers and contributors with wiki editing permissions can add your suggested ideas to that page once you post them here.

What about a “Cardfile” like app? I’m talking about the old Cardfile app from Windows 3.1

Could be use the filesystem attribute to store some kind of metadata (in a similar way that the Mail app)

Bringing index_server to a productive state and integrate it into the main build process should be a doable task and would be really really great :slight_smile: