Ideal modern ThinkPad to run Haiku?

Modern is stretching it, but aside from some wifi drops my T480 seems to be fully supported.

Really? My T480s has non-working volume keys, the trackpad doesn’t scroll (though it works for cursor moving) and I have to manually re-connect to wi-fi (at least it doesn’t forget the credentials).

Ah, I do have to manually reconnect to wifi, but I thought Haiku just didn’t have autoconnect. Have you tried nightlies rather than the beta? I have volume keys, trackpad is fine, one of the few issues is that sometimes when the system boots it doesn’t see the tracpoint, but when it does it comes up fine, etc. My only real complaint is that battery life is bad off the top of my head.

I heard someone else on here say they had volume keys working on the T480s but I’ve tried all the Thinkpad layouts and it’s not working for me. I am on the nightlies. It must be nice having the trackpad fully working. I don’t think battery life is gonna be great on any Haiku laptop until it gets much more advanced and efficient (that stuff seems to be HARD). Haiku might be better on Desktop than laptops generally…

Volume keys definitely work. I may have spoken a little too soon though, two finger scrolling isn’t working on this boot so hardware initialization might be a little iffy. This is the first boot where I’ve noticed it though, so it’s mostly consistent.