Idea: PC Magazines

Being computer boffins, many of you may read computer magazines. There is a plethora of different types out there. There are publications that are dedicated to certain OS, that focus on hardware shopping, that are based on software purchasing, and even specific titles, like music production on the computer and using graphics packages. A good way to get extra publicity and attract developers and end-users would be to take advantage of these magazines. I’m quite confident that many magazine editors would be happy to review the alpha version of Haiku, or a nightly build, and at least see its enormous potential. There are quite probably be some old BeOS users in the industry who would be willing to write an article.

If you have any feedback, I’d be grateful to hear it.

Indeed, many of us read magazines. There are reviews and mentions of Haiku once in a while in the public media.

Linux Weekly News ( is one such place.

See - Haiku edges toward general release by Bruce Byfield.

It is subscriber-only content, and by their usual policy, it should be free in a week for those who doesn’t want to subscribe (