[IDEA] Integrated software digital audio crossover

It would be great (expecially for audiophiles users) to have an integrated crossover to use 5.1 or 7.1 channels soundcards as separate output frequencies for multi-amping.

Here’s an example to keep in serious consideration:


Hope that helps, or at least inspires !

On a different but audio related note, I’d like to be able to route outputs through inputs, i.e. use sound recorder to record the stereo mix. I’m surprised that this hasn’t been implemented.

I think what you’re asking for here is “monitoring”. You’re correct that this is a common and popular feature of both hardware and software audio systems. In software the nicest way to offer this is to have an extra monitoring input (recording source) for every output.

But even with just a cheap generic PC soundcard and basic software it’s often possible to record your PCM output. 1. Ensure the capture controls are set NOT to playback. Otherwise you will get feedback. 2. Set the capture device to PCM. 3. Adjust the capture levels to get reasonable dynamic range, this loop is often not digital and so this part can be tricky. But then you should be able to record the PCM output in the same way you’d normally record a microphone.

Of course a software monitor is better because then you can monitor AND record from real input source, but this poor man’s monitoring is a good start, yeah?

Ok, I didn’t get all of that. How do I adjust the capture options? If I go to media preferences, there’s no option to use the outputs as inputs.

That probably means with your hardware, at least in Haiku, you’re out of luck.