[IDEA] Haiku @ Open-PC

[quote]The Open-PC is a PC for everyday use built by the Linux community for the Linux community. We use only free software. Your help will be welcomed, to make our project even better.

The first PC built by the community for the community.

* pure Linux
* consumer ready
* perfectly preconfigured
* built by the community
* 100% free software and drivers
* energy efficient
* easy to upgrade
* phone and email support included
* donation to the KDE project included in the price[/quote]

I have already opened a 3ad in their “forum” to ask for Haiku, ReactOS, Syllable and AROS alternatives to Linux, of course.
It would be great if the donations will go to the relative-os project, IMHO.


I like the free hardware idea only

The idea is not bad but the price is a bit high and it’s not even 100% open…
For example there is a normal closed source bios in it … :wink:

But haiku should run without problems on it afaik.

Idea is fine.
But Atom (even dual core) is suxx. At this price(359,- EUR) I have set with a much more efficient AMD Athlon X2 and GF6150. Not to mention the fact that I would prefer to support AMD. And “pure Linux” with www rather, may reject :smiley: But as I say idea is good.

Well, the basic idea is to “open up” their Open-PC project: I wanna be able to choose the OS I like at least on open machines…

The goal is to force them to adopt other open OS or change the name into “Linux-PC”.

I would rather like to see a PC with hardware specifically supported by Haiku and whose purchase is tied to some form of financial support for Haiku development (although it may be too early in the project for this to be viable).