ICQ client for Haiku beta2

Hi guys!

Today i installed Haiky OS beta2 from this site to my old computer (iP233 MMX, 128Mb RAM, S3 Virge DX 4Mb). It work very well.
Iam newbie in BeOS and Haiku, then my question:

Where can i download ICQ client for Haiku beta2? I’am trying install IM-Kit, but i can’t. Maybe step-by-step howto for newbies?

PS: Sorry for my English.

WBR, Sergey.

Thank for reply.

Yeah, i mean alpha 2 course. I install Qt librarys and qutIM, but, by default, qutIM running without any pictures/icons on the buttons. qutIM compiled for old libpng library:

libpng warning: Application was compiled with png.h from libpng–1.2.40
libpng warning: Application is running with png.c from libpng–1.4.1
libpng warning: Incompatible libpng version in application and library

I found solution for this: i am download this file http://narod.ru/disk/20659791000/libpng.so.zip.html and place it to qutIM folder in “lib” directory.

Caya unfortunuatly not supported ICQ at the moment (At the moment it supports only Google Talk and AOL Instant Messenger, more protocols will come)



I think you mean alpha 2, not beta yet. :slight_smile:

IM-Kit is old and likely does not work. You will have to try out other software. The best source is Haikuware:

You should try out Caya ( I don’t think it does ICQ ).

You can try out qutIM (which should do ICQ)- Requires Installing Qt Libraries

Install latest Qt minimal library from here: