Icon location

A friend of mine was wanting to set his home folder icon as the croissant icon because he think it’d be funny… anyone know where that icon is? We looked over the entire icons folder.

You may have to ask Zumi for that kind of Icon.
He is one of the Haiku-Icon Gurus out there!

The croissant icon already exists in Haiku, we just can’t find it lol


We looked there inside Haiku and it was nowhere to be seen

did you try search function on tracker? use wildcard like *.hvif will help

Almost all icons in the source are either Icon O Matic files or already embeded in an executeably, add to that we don’t really use file extensions, so this likely won’t help.

You should be able to open the file 3deyes linked above in icon-o-matic, it is inside the Haiku source tree so you’d only need to clone it.

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…hm… before beta3 usually i use that trick and found many icons…seem from haikudeport cache… ??

copyattr -n BEOS:ICON /boot/system/servers/launch_daemon /boot/home ?
This works for me, just kill Tracker and the icon will be shown

And this is the icon saved from IOM