Icon labels: problem with some wallpapers


is it possible to change the font color for the icon labels? Since they are white, on a light background it’s not really noticable. Is it possible to have them on a different background color so it wouldn’t interfere with the wallpaper?

Have you tried the ‘icon label outline’ option in Backgrounds preferences?

I seem to recall there was a utility for that waaaaayyyy back in the BeOS R3 days. Maybe somebody still has the code and could compile it.

The icon label changes to black on a light colored background. This is controlled by the background color, not the color of the wallpaper. If one changes to a light colored wallpaper and does not change the background color, the text stays white.

of course there is this “icon label outline” option… why didn’t I try/see it ? Thank you very much, it’s better now!

The background color tips is good too, even if on some mixed wallpaper, I still prefer to use a dark color background.

Try darker your background color, like 101, 101, 101 colors (will be grayed) then put the lighter wall