I want to know the Haiku OS equivalent for 'env-info'

I am enjoying testing your os.
This is actually for a scrot to show some friends of mine in another community who have expressed some interest in how you guys are coming along. We usually add a terminal box in our scrots which lists basic info (name, os, kernel, etc), and I was wondering if you have a command line answer.

There is some Tools for rice:

  • Screenfetch: already in Depot.
  • Neofetch: it seems it does work with Haiku, but no package yet, maybe you can try to write a recipe.
  • sysinfo: a part of Haiku.
  • About Window: the Haiku way to do this.
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Thank you! I thought I might have to leave it out.

Np, but do not forget to show us your nice screenshots with eyecandy and stuff!

I will try! I like the way the background changes only for the screen you are on. That way I could give a scrot with the Haiku wallpaper and the other with my usual skull and crossbones “Evil Linux” wall. I want to change the “Evil Linux” caption to just “Haiku”, though, so when I can get around to that I promise scrots!

You can have different resolution and colour depth too.