I ordered parts for a new comp :)

My old PIII 600 w/192mb RAM is finally getting “replaced” – i broke down today and ordered parts to build a P4 HT system.

I’ll post specs later on for those that are interested :wink:

I think I’ll finally be able to run BeOS/Haiku full time on my 600mhz box now, which I’m actually quite excited about!

Ugh, finally got my new comp running properly.

The “thermal pad” on the retail Intel CPU cooler is crap - removed it and replaced with Arctic silver and now the CPU runs at nearly half the temp… jeez.

Apparently the CPU Thermal Control setting in the BIOS was preventing the CPU from going over 70-72C by dropping the performance on-the-fly… once I realized that, and turned off that option, the proc’s temp went up past 80C and shutdown… that’s when I realized the fan/heatsink wasn’t working right.

I’ll probably do short test run tonight before it goes on SoB 24/7.

I had to take my new machine offline so I can ship the MB back to ASUS… unfortunately I wasn’t ever able to get the IEEE1394 working and ASUS says I have to send it back RMA.

Fortunately, the service center is only about 4 hours from here, so the shipping time will be minimal… they still claim a 5-10 day turnaround though :stuck_out_tongue:

In the meantime, my production rate will be a bit lower, sorry 'bout that.