I have PC with J1900 is supported?

Hi, I want ask about support for Intel J1800 / J1900 / J2900 Intel Celeron and Pentium processors, what is the state are they supported?

I have both Celeron J1900 and Pentium J2900 when i have spare time i go test Haiku image but i think they are not supported, the think what i want is support for intel graphics.

thanks for fast info.

ValleyView Intel graphics isn’t natively supported, only VESA/Framebuffer.

korli: thanks for fast info. the pc what i have is compact small Acer Aspire XC 703

and another question what is best use VESA framebufer with 32bit build or 64bit build with UEFI framebufer

i have abother ASRock Pentium Haswell cpu is this supported?

Hi Luuvki,

I advise you to go with 64bits. I have an Apollo Lake computer and using vesa framebuffer.
It is working like a charm.

Eddy thanks, then i want and go to dualboot, on this pc i have original 64bit windows 8 (thats why i buy this pc becouse i love windows8 with disabled updates and another specialities)

its hard to have dualboot?

OK, I find this guide: UEFI Booting Haiku | Haiku Project