I do not obtain to initiate Haiku

Good night! I installed Haiku in trial boot with Windows XP and a GNU/Linux distribution, to put I am not obtaining to after initiate to edit the Grub placing an entrance for Haiku. The entrance in grub is thus: Considering that I installed in /dev/sda9.

Entered for Haiku system

on /dev/sda9

title Haiku
root (hd0,8)
to chainloader +1

What it would be making made a mistake?

Yours truly,
Dernival Luna/Brazil

Try installing to a primary partition and not extended…also it should be just chainloader +1 and not ‘to chainloader +1’

otherwise that looks fine what method did you use to install? livecd …or from svn trunk? or did you attemt to dd a disk image to your partition? risos…eu divia ter respondido em portugese :wink:


Putting Haiku on a logical partition is perfectly OK. I have an instance installed on it. And I boot it with GRUB (legacy). My code is:

title Haiku
root (hd0,8) # yes, Haiku is on the 9-th partition too
savedefault # to point to Haiku by default on next boot
chainloader +1

It boots without trouble.


You possibly forgot to do a makebootable. How did you install Haiku?