Huion graphics tablet

It is important that we have Haiku specific tutorials, because it puts the focus on haiku and not on Linux or Windows. In addition, there are often small differences, whether during installation, setting, etc. Referring to Linux tutorials is also often problematic because there are so many semi-finished tutorials here that you often get stuck where a description was simply omitted. One of the reasons to make our own knowledge base for haiku (, because the tutorials there are all tested.

Good day @lelldorin,

Agree on the tested tutorials, though from my short experience with Haiku at using Godot and Krita I see not much difference in anything. Let me detail:
Installing software:

  • Linux: Installing Gimp, Godot, Inkscape, Blender, Vim and MyPaint , I do from the software store.
  • Haiku: Installing Krita, Blender, Vim, I do from HaikuDepot. Godot, and also some Blender versions I’m counting on the work by @CodeforEvolution and @cocobean, as they provide the packages for testing. Godot 3.2.4rc is the one I’m using


  • Linux: I must use the digitizer with the wireless connection. With USB wired connection the Huion does not work. It’s being recognized but unusable, at least on Silverblue.
  • Haiku: I must plug the USB wire of the Huion digitizer before turning on the computer, and even that, sometimes it fails. If I plug the Huion once Haiku is running there’s a big chance that I end up in KDL, as reported.


  • Linux: I used Inkscape for vector, Mypaint for painting textures for 2D objects and 3D models, Blender for 3D models and GIMP for processing the images.
    With Godot I use an external code editor, in this case, I used Vim as also available on Haiku. On Linux I had a big Vim window with vertical splits and NerdTree to see the project files, and open them from within the Vim window inside an existing VSplit or in a new VSplit.
  • Haiku: I’m learning Krita and use it for Vector drawing, painting and processing 2D textures atm. Haven’t really used Blender yet. Takes time to adapt to use Krita instead of 3 apps, but I’m working on it.
    With Godot, I also use an external editor, and use Vim too (because available on both platforms and has the Godot plugin), though the setup is different, I just use a 80 char width window, because on Haiku I can stack and tile Vim windows and have the files tracker window tiled to the code windows, and can cycle through the stacked Vim windows easily. I can’t yet switch from Godot to Vim because Godot is full screen and takes full control of input. In fact, in order to take a screenshot of Godot’s full screen window I have to trick it, so I configured the Deskbar to auto-rise, then I set the focus to a tracker window and then I can take the screenshot of the whole desktop including Godot at full screen.

I’ll see what happens if I can complete the simple game when I try to export it, and run the game.

As you see, there is not much difference but on the software available and the fact that with Haiku I “don’t need” to have a big Vim window. In the way software works, I still haven’t found any difference per se. We will see if this changes when I get deeper with Krita, Blender and Godot.

I don’t use Wonderbrush, though it’s available now on 64 bits mostly because I haven’t found a way to snap whatever to a grid. I always have snapping on to do this kind of stuff but plain texture painting with MyPaint.

With more experience I’ll be able to tune this post up and we might be ready to have some tutorial. In the meantime, I just use default manuals of Blender, Krita and Godot :wink: