HPKG and non-packaged directory? not possible?


I have compiled an application that requires a user file to function properly. so I want to create the application in the non-packaged directory so that the user can put the file in the application folder. But the problem is that the HPKG that I create has never put the application in the non-packaged directory. I thought it was possible.

Non packaged is only for installing by hand, zip or old pkg file (beos).

Settings should ever place under /boot/home/config/settings/programname

User files to save other data like highscore… can be installed by post-install script

User files, files the user create are place into the home directory


If you need the file in the app folder copy them to the home folder… and create a link into you app folder.

Take a look at hpkgcreator here you can do this

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Hi thanks,

I don’t find the options for create a shorcut of the file in the app folder via HPKG creator, this file doesn’t not exist in startup. (it’s a file from a certain CD that the user must have). Maybe via post install to do it…

I have try to put the link directly into the Temp folder of HPKG creator but that remove the link after reload the project…Go find a way to done it…


Ok it’s done! I can send it to you?

If you want to see i solve this install diamondgirl from our repo and importieren it into hpkg. Then open the package folder (menu option in hpkgcreator) and take a look at the zip file and postinstall Script

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Yes you can do this

Here it’s done, thanks.

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