HP Pavilion G6 booting - Happy with it! :)

Haiku boots through the boot icon splash, then goes black and nothing. Tried 64 and 32 bit nightlies.

Hold shift while booting to get to the boot menu, then check “enable on-screen debug”. Page through the boot process until it stays blocked, and take a picture of the last screen. This should give some more information as to what the problem is.

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That’s happened to me a couple times. Get to the Boot Options and select “Fail Safe Graphics Mode” (which is VESA). Then go back and select Continue Booting. See if that works for you.

Found the boot menu and enabled debug on screen. Wish it did half screen debug and showed the splash icons to get an idea where I was in the process. Didn’t have access to camera yet. Seems to be cycling through trying storage device and filesystems. Watching debug, system seems to hang during this cycling, then I can page through, then hangs, then pages through… I got tired of paging through after a few minutes since I didn’t have my camera. In non-on-screen-debug, the splash screen icons go by rather rapidly, then screen switch then nothing.

Didn’t work for me. Drat. Also poked around shutting off / turning on various safe mode stuff, including SMP and >4gb ram. This laptop is dual core amd64, 8GB ram, 400GB+ hdd. Not sure what all matters yet. Wondering about trying older builds.

Finally got around to picking up the KDL. Here’s the screen shot.

On a hunch from the debug screen, I figured that it was somewhere in package management. I popped in the latest, greatest R1A4 USB key available and booted up like lightning. I discovered I have a quad core. Not bad for a free, practically barely used laptop. Someone spilled programming fluid in the keyboard, so a few keys don’t work. I have a portable USB keyboard, so wah.

The problem happens while the package system is trying to read some files. So it may be a problem with the CD or USB drive you used (especially if you used a different one to try R1a4).

Okay. Starting to make sense. Yes, it was a different USB stick. Could it possibly be due to the fact that the one I first used has multiple partitions?

Update: perhaps not. I replaced the R1A4 install with the latest nightly. Similar kdl output as before. Replaced it again with R1A4 and it booted fine again. All the same stick, just rewriting each time.

I’m assuming this should move to the bug tracker at this point, unless this is a feature.

Update: After some kicking and screaming, I installed VirtualBox. Virtualizing the latest nightly is at least pleasant and seems to be rather feature complete upon quick 5 minute inspection. I’m happy with calling this a feature and moving forward. I cant complain too much. I just got a free quad core a64 laptop with 8GB RAM and almost 1/2 TB storage. I have the latest nightly running virtual, and the latest stable(a4-44702) running bare, quite quick from a usb key. No brainer/no blocker here. Kickenbutt Haiku. Luv’n U. I’m gonna keep running alpha, and there ain’t a thing you can’t do! :stuck_out_tongue:

Programming fluid? Was that a typo or a deliberate reference that totally went over my head? :smiley:

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Programming fluid == beverage of sleepless nights and sticky sweet spills.

Possibly the same stuff that kicked the industrial revolution into high gear https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_coffeehouses_in_the_17th_and_18th_centuries and the stuff behind Alfréd Rényi’s quote “A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems.” Does the same thing for programmers. Indeed, it’s sometimes supplied in the more modern sugary form as a free perk in companies with ulterior programming productivity motives.

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I don’t has spectral analysis super powers on hand, but my intuition says it is at least a close, possibly more modern cousin to this. My best S.W.A.G., knowing the ownership history, it most likely contains corn syrup, carmel coloring, and was served in a cup emblazoned with a big sweeping yellow “M”, and commonly associated with a clown.

I’m pushing for an industrial de-revolution. Bringing coffee back, one lively cup at a time.