HP Pavilion dv1130EA Notebook PC


I have this pc for a while now and more, and more the need to a lighter os become more pertinent. I found a very positive feedback about haiku on a site and decided it was the time to change.

Yesterday I clean the pc, installed haiku and two problems appeard:

  • The wifi connection only finds one network, that isn’t mine. It’s a 802.11n WPA, mine it’s a 802.11g WPA. The other pcs find even more networks, but not haiku.

  • The screen it’s oddly divided, I have something like this


| | |
| | |
| | |
| B | A |
| | |
| | |
| | |

The cursor moves from A to B. The line L should be in the left side of the screen... How can I move it?

Can somebody help me? (I hope my english it’s good enough, for you to understand)


I haven’t tried another monitor.
If the BIOS it’s centered and also the haiku logon… I don’t believe it’s the monitor.

I’ve already changed the screen resolution, was the first thing.

For the screen, try a lower resolution:

Choose preferences from the deskbar, then screen on the drop-down list.

I get this problem on an old ThinkPad I have if the resolution is set too high. And if it works try other resolutions to see what you can use.

PS. Have you tried an external monitor?

Find out which graphic driver you’re using via:

listimage | grep accel

and remove (or just move to another folder) corresponding driver and it’s accelerant counterpart.
After reboot Haiku will fail-back to VESA driver, see if it works any better.