How will I tether my smartphone's internet to Haiku

I have a desktop where I installed Haiku.
I needed Libre office hpkg but can’t install it.
I decided to download it from Haiku depot but couldn’t connect my PC with internet please help

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USB tethering is not supported in most cases (there are various ways to do it, and we have a driver only for one of them). In my case, my phone can act as a wifi hotspot, and I can connect to it from Haiku.

But my PC doesn’t have WiFi adapter

  1. Install Virtualbox
  2. Install Haiku in Virtualbox
  3. Install LibreOffice in Haiku in Virtualbox
  4. Copy the hpkgs to a thumbdrive
  5. Install them on your main Haiku install

I have the x86-64 version of haiku.
But I don’t know how to create a 64bit VM in virtual box.
I have windows 10 64bit

Care to elaborate on this?
What are the varous ways to do it, and what driver does haiku have?

old phones will emulate a serial port (ttyACM), this is not supported for internet access (we would need parts of the PPP stack running). More recent ones will use ECM (Ethernet Communication Mode), of which there are two profiles often found, one emulating a standard USB ethernet card (this should work), and one emulating an NDIS style device (most often on Android phones because it’s easy to get working with Windows), which we curently don’t support.

Do you use ifconfig then to connect or some other tool?

create 64bit haiku is vm same with 32bit version… maybe you need to check your bios to enable vt-x or amd-v so virtualbox can create 64bit vm …cmiiw

it looks like op installed Haiku to bare metal, so vm is not an option

And when will it be available