How usable is Poorman, and where do I learn more?


I have a small business with a website (no java, just html) that gets maybe 50 hits a month. I’ was thinking of hosting the thing myself, heard about Poorman and thought I’d look into it. Is it usable for such a purpose, and if so, how could I configure it to my registered domain? If it’s not a good choice, what is?

It’s good to share files in internet.

Do you need to support secure connections? That’s going to mean acquiring and configuring a certificate, and I might be wrong, but I bet that’s one thing you aren’t going to be able to do with Poorman.

As for your security, you might benefit from the “security by obscurity” principle here, but the down side is that servers run like everything else as “root”, so when you lose, you lose big.

Haiku is not a server OS and PoorMan is largely unmaintained. I would not recommend it for anything internet-facing.


Poorman, as its name suggests, is a Poor man’s webserver. It is very simple in terms of functionality. You can find information on the server here:

It’s best for testing out webpages if anything. I’d recommend you to use RobinHood ( which is meant to host websites, however it needs some fixing up.

It isn’t restricted to localhost, you can connect from outside.

Whoops, that’s my bad.

Thanks! I was wanting to dedicate one of my older computers into a single purpose webserver and save myself the $200+ I spend a year for hosting. I appreciate the input.

There are a few candidates you could check at haikuports:

Thank you for the suggestions.


The new versions should work. I’ve not tested it.


PR welcome :slight_smile:

Just another idea that I test on my Haiku VM (64 bit):

if you install node you can then install http-server (which also has https ssl mode)

after installing nodeJs from haiku depot open terminal at your home dir and type:
npm install http-server -g

then cd to the folder where your web index.html is and just run:
http-server -p 80
where <80> is the port (80 is default port for http, but https default is 443).

I’m pretty excited to finally have node on Haiku. Thank you @return_0e Node.js now available in Haiku | Haiku Project

Alternatively you could spawn a python server in that folder.

If Python version is 3.X
python3 -m http.server
If Python version is 2.X
python -m SimpleHTTPServer

It’s best for testing out webpages if anything. I’d recommend you to use RobinHood

What is a Licence of this program?

The github page says GPL.