How to upgrade without network connection?

I have a laptop that I have configured with Haiku some time ago (Revision hrev53815) but I would like to upgrade it now to the latest version. The laptop does have wifi hardware, but this version of Haiku cannot see it.

So, how do I upgrade to the latest Haiku without having network on the device?

Wifi USB stick? But i do not know any supported one, because i use cable network.

You can boot from usb using a nightly image and install over your existing partition. You can’t do that using beta2 as it was disabled there.
Another option is to manually copy /system partition replacing the one from your install.

Okay, thanks.

At the time I installed beta2, an install from image insisted on destroying the previous partition, do I remember that right? So you’d do this only if you had nothing you wanted to save.

Doing a clean install is currently broken but in the process of being resolved. Watch this patch and when it lands, get the nightly image of the build that contains the change.