How to undo a Theme Change?

So I was messing around with the ThemeManager, and I want to revert to the default Haiku appearance but I don’t see any way of doing that.

Is there a simple way to revert to the UI settings I had before?

Also, how do I change the position, shape & layout of the DeskBar? I noticed one of the themes moved it and spread it out across the bottom of the screen.(which also made it inaccessible because it wouldn’t pop up when auto-hide was enabled).

Well, probably open the Appearance preflet and reset to defaults… I think the theme manager just changes presets for that stuff mostly.

To move Deskbar just grab a holt of the little bar at the end of it and drag it around… it’s the vertical dotted control as you can see here right next to the clock.

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Thanks! I probably would have never found that dotted bar!