How to start a program at startup

How do you get a program to launch at startup in Haiku?

I’m about 80% sure I was able to do this in R5 but I can’t seem to remember how to do it nor find it on the Interwebz. Or has my memory gone faulty?

Thanks in advance

The easiest way to do that is create (or copy a link) to /home/config/boot/launch. I have done that with both Beam and LaunchBox and they work fine (so far) in R1/Alpha1.

Serial_Wombat is correct. The launch folder is now the preferred way to do this.

What you remember is probably editing a file called UserBootScript. It is still there, but its use is now deprecated. UserShutdownScript and UserShutdownFinishScript seem to have been quietly dropped.

Ah, good. I’m in need of some rest here but I’ll check that out tomorrow. Thanks.

Yes, it was UserBootScript! Thanks for confirming that my mind isn’t totally gone.

Sure, I noticed that any UserShutDownScript I make doesn’t get run, but I assumed it just hadn’t been implemented yet. I hope there will be some way to run stuff at shutdown…?

I just set this up and it worked like a charm.