How to recover a broken install after failed upgrade

Hello all!

Last week I upgraded Haiku to hrev56177 and, unfortunately, after reboot my system didn’t boot up anymore:

It loads all the icons and crashes on the rocket with the above kdl screen.

I can boot in safe mode but obviously can’t access the network. Is there any way to upgrade to a newer build or revert it to the last functional state?

Yes. You can get into the bootloader menus and boot into the previous state, then update from there.

The problem in the picture was #17798, which has already been fixed. Sorry about that.

Hi, @waddlesplash, thank you very much for your help! I never knew of this option in the bootloader. I successfully restored the system to the previous state and successfully upgraded it to hrev56202. Unfortunately, WiFi is apparently broken (intel 3160HMW card). I think it’s related to the OpenBSD drivers?

[Update] - To clarify: My system sees the card (/dev/net/idual7260/0), but can’t connect to my network.

Make sure your wpa_supplicant and intel_wifi_firmware packages are fully up to date.

If it still fails to connect after that, please open a ticket. hrev56205, which will be included in tonight’s nightlies, may fix this problem, but it might also not.


I connected with ethernet and Depot says all my packages are updated. I’ll wait for the hrev56205 and report back. Thank you again for your support!

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Hi, @waddlesplash, I update the last nightlies, and, in fact, the problem still has not been fixed. How can I open a ticket?