How to properly install haiku

the title pretty much says it all but i will explain better. Simply enough i don’t know how to install haiku since every time i try to install the bootmanager i get an error and at boot the haiku bootman find no bootable partition. Correctly installed haiku sometime ago but decided to return back to fedora workstation so i wiped haiku, then i tried to install it back but with no luck.

Can someone explain me step by step how to install haiku to check my steps are ok?

Have you take look into tge haiku guides?

My way to install haiku":

  • creating a partition with filesystem ext2
  • booting haiku from cd/usb
  • menu option partition manager
  • initiaizing bfs on the ext2 partition
  • back to the installer
  • installing haiku to the bfs partition

!! only you have no bootmanager already installed!!

  • installing bootmanger over the installer menu

If you have grub2 boot manager, add haiku into it

so these are my steps considering i already have an os installed on the disk

1 open the partition manager
2 format the disk
3 initiate a new partition table
4 allocate all the space and format it in bfs
5 close the partition manager and select the hdd now formatted for haiku, then press install
6 the sistem is installed and so the boot sector, so i can install the haiku bootmanager

in this phase anyway i always get the message that bootman installation encountered an error and if i want to continue or not, but anyway i can’t boot haiku due to no bootable partition found…

You probably don’t need the haiku bootmanager if you have another OS installed.

probably, but since my hdd is just 120 gb i want to give all the space to haiku…

To test haiku you need only 8gb and if you use it a bit more up to 20gb

Here is my old tutorial to install haiku:

I have installed haiku on the old laptop of my wife, haiku single, and i does not get any problem.

Sometimes the hdd image is not bootable, so haiku can not run. Here i start a live session with haiku, open the termina and type in:

Makebootable /path/to/hdd

at the end i was able to properly install haiku…here’s what i’ve done

1 start installer
2 went to partion manager and delete the old partition
3 create a new partition table then allocate the space
4 reboot
5 start installer again
6 format the new partition as bfs
7 install haiku and then the bootmanager

this way i succesfully booted into haiku :slight_smile:


For UEFI boot is the same trick???

This should be it’s own thread. You responded to a year old thread.

I’m pretty sure BootManager doesn’t work with uefi. It only works with MBR. Use grub for dual booting UEFI mode. You don’t absolutely need to run BootManager or makebootable to install Haiku. Installer makes haiku bootable by default.

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mmm seems like the efi boot is possible now with a gpt partition in where am i wrong?

You’re not wrong. You can indeed boot Haiku with EFI via GPT. You just can’t use BootManager yet to do so. You hijacked a thread involving BootManager. Hence why I mentioned the importance of starting a fresh thread with all the details of your specific question. Not to mention the thread was last commented on nearly a year ago. Good netiquette is starting a new thread.

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