How to open or what to do with the .image files?

Hello, i am new here and i am interested in this project. But, i have some questions: 1. What are the .image files from the build factory ? which programm can handle them ? and 2. Where can i get the source code for the nightly builds ? I would be happy about a fast reply, thank you.

Its a RAW hard-drive image, you use VMware or Qemu to open it.

The easiest way is to download Qemu. If you use windows edit the file “qemu-win.bat” so the last line says:

qemu.exe -L . -m 256 -hda haiku.image -soundhw all -localtime -M pc<\code>

Then put the haiku.image file into the qemu folder,and then open “qemu-win.bat”.