How to make installation bootable haiku USB

I have downloaded anyboot haiku image . How do I make installation USB on a windows 7 PC .

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Hi, and welcome!

In this page you will find detailed instructions:


The link provided by @victordomingos is the right one. However, I would like to explicitly warn you about something (because I had that problem): If you go for the complete installation option and you set the USB stick as the HD: Do wait several minutes after the installer says it has finished. You should notice that if you try to unmount it. Otherwise, the changes are not really written in the disk. I highlight this because I did 5 or 6 attempts yesterday until I realized what the problem was.

Kind regards.

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Bugreport please.

Do you mean that the Haiku Installer application took too long to finish, or that you were using a ddcommand to copy the image into some storage unit?

If it was the Installer app itself, it’s unusual. In my case, it has been always very fast. I had one or two instances in which I got a directory error, or something like that, but usually it is fast and displays a blue progress bar. If it did not behave like that, it’s a good idea to fill a bug report, as @PulkoMandy recommended. That way, the developers may take that experience into account and try to improve it.

But could be that you were using the dd command to write the image to a USB stick. Actually, the dd command, which usually should be avoided if possible since it’s a bit dangerous, only gives feedback to the user in the very end and during all that time it seems to be stalled when it’s in fact doing its job.

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@PulkoMandy, @victordomingos : I made a full installation to an USB stick. The Installer app was very fast. In fact, I considered it “too fast” to be correct until I saw that a full install was really that fast (both on YouTube and in my VirtualBox). I even kept my own VirtualBox instance because it works flawlessly. So far so good…

The process with my USB key as “hard disk” (and from VirtualBox) was also that fast. However, although the installer told me that it had finished, I could not unmount the USB key (you know, the typical warning like this: “There is still a process writing to the USB key…”). After waiting some minutes, I could unmount it successfully. The problems I had before my last and successful attempt? I used the installer from the LiveCD mode (not booting to the desktop), and when it told me that it had finished, I just turned the PC (VBox off) directly. Then, my laptop failed to start from the USB… why? Because the USB key was empty in reality :open_mouth: (as I checked with my other Haiku install in an old PC).

According to what I have described, do you still find it necessary to create a bug ticket or it was my fault?

Kind regards.

I have download app for windows 7 as advised by @victordomingos . I want to make installation usb so that I can install Haiku on my core 2 duo pc .

I will install it on spare hard disk so data loss is not an issue

What I need to know and do after that

On the one hand this is kind of expected, and happens on Windows too - that’s why Safe Eject exists.
On the other it seems that Haiku likes to say it’s done when it isn’t even halfway through the process. I encountered that recently when copying 3GiB ISOs to USB drive - had to wait a few minutes after Tracker window disappeared for it to finish copying. Such a big discrepancy probably should not happen.

Yes, that’s really true (I have never had that kind of problems with Windows, though (I did with Debian I think)).

So, according to what @KapiX says, it is not estrictly a bug, but a not well adjusted feature. Am I right or it is still necessary that I create a bug ticket?

Kind regards.

I never noticed that kind of behavior, but if it can be reproduced, maybe a bug report may help to figure out if there’s something wrong.

This “problem” is specific to the way Linux (and possible also other unices) handle cache. Normaly, it is sufficient to issue:
after dd finishes its work. This command synchronizes all memory caches to disk. After that you can safely unmount the flash drive.

Yes. As mentionned by others, this behavior is normal but unexpected. At least for Installer and possibly for Tracker copy dialog, it may be wise to force a flush to disk and wait for it, before calling it “done”.

This deserves a ticket to track the changes.

Dear @PulkoMandy,

I have tried to sign up to at bug tracker platform without success (I do not receive the confirmation e-mail :frowning: ). Thus, feel free to report the problem we have discussed herein. In fact, I had thought in simply copying the description I provided above.

I apologize for any inconvenience. Kind regards

Etcher gives me error and it made my usb drive almost unusable . I had to reparttition it and format it to make work

It’s normal that if an error occurs the pen drive becomes unusable until it’s formatted again. Now, regarding the error you got, what did it say?