How to make good bug reports on Github within Haiku

How to make good bug reports on Github within Haiku…
Hello all, I try to help Haiku with bugreports and with feedback…
Unfortunately if I use my Github account to report bugs for Haiku programs I cannot upload the automatic generated bugreports from within Haiku…
so how to and what is the easiest way to report bugs to Github within Haiku?
Which browser or wich way to upload the bugreport is appericated?

Is there a way to use Github without problems on Haiku?

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*.report file is a regular text file. You can open it in text editor, select all and copy, paste to GitHub comment field and enclose with ```.

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Or upload the attachment somewhere like Google Drive, Dropbox, pastebin, postimages etc. and link to it.

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It can be bad idea because external links can become broken when storage time expires.

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Today I tried to upload some pictures to But these times the pictures will not show up in Web+, Otter and Dooble.
I think this was working some time ago. I may be wrong and it is still months ago the page was working with Haiku?
Could be the adblocker?

I came across a few imgur links that worked after adding a “.jpg” to the URL.

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Yes it works, on some files, it is possible to use Telegram too, to show the pictures or here!
See Haiku 64bit: (works after adding a “.jpg” to the URL!)

and compare it to:

Wonderbrush on Haiku 32bit nightly:

Thanks Hunmdinger nice tipp

Instead of using the add blown
you can use the free:
Thanks PulkoMandy for this tipp

Why use JPEG? JPEG artifacts looks really ugly. Such screenshots should be compressed fine with PNG.

Actually it is a PNG file, I just used the .jpg suffix to trick imgur…

I thought imgur has less problems showing jpg files than png.
I usualy use PNGguidelines64bit

There are no problems with PNG on for me. works fine. Another link is only JPEG.