"how to" links for noobs

Major noob here, I can’t believe I actually got this installed, dual boot with xp using haiku’s boot manager. I tried to install Linux a few years ago and failed miserably.
Now, to use it, I need some haiku for dummies links with REAL specific instructions for basic stuff like how to install programs(Tube Positive and VLC player). Are there instructions for simple things built into the OS somewhere?
Couple more questions: Would I be better off with an older version?(is alpha more for testing/developers?)
What are the pros and cons/compatibility of other file systems, ext3,ext4 vs Be? I’m thinking of triple boot with Linux.

Hi and welcome, ElMeRfUdD!

Some of the basic stuff is explained in the user guide, which is linked in the Welcome page on the Haiku Desktop (or online from the top of the haiku-os.org start page). Also try the BeTipServer; most of the old BeOS tips still apply.

TubePositive, for example, is installed as described in the user guide: just unzip it anywhere. VLC is an Optional Package, which are described in the Welcome page. Newer Haiku revisions provide a nice “installoptionalpackage” script (thanks Matt!), but if you’re using the alpha, just download VLC and unpack in root ("/").

The alpha is the most tested and therefore probably stable release. Since Haiku development never stands still, it’s getting a bit old though. Much has been improved since. If you’re more adventurous, you could install a Nightly Image, which is more cutting edge, but stability can vary from revision to revision… Maybe try those on an extra partition.

At the moment Haiku can only write to BFS and FAT. Though it can read ntfs, reiserfs, ext2/3/(4?). Getting data into Haiku is no problem (read-support), exporting can be tricky sometimes. Either have a FAT partition ready, or maybe use a fat formatted USB-stick or ftp server.