How to launch fpse

Im trying to use the application fpse but i dont know how to launch it the directions and readme files are un clear they say type this fpse- ? But where do i type it then it keeps saying my missing libsdl.os but i looked it there it my boot folder lib i have no idea how this is suppose to word infact all the apps i tried to get from haikuware did the same thing can anyone explain the app install and launch process clearly as possible or do i need to run with a different os maybe Ubuntu is looking good right now

Most of the software at Haikuware worked fine before package management was introduced. You could try to file a bug report. Developers are aware of these problems though and the issue likely won’t be resolved any time soon - or at all. So, if you’re looking for an operating system with a big software library that works, Haiku is not the answer at this point; go with Ubuntu.

As its’ README says, FPSE depends on SDL. Assuming you’re running the latest nightly from you can install it either via HaikuDepot (search for libsdl) or from Terminal:

pkgman install libsdl

However, this is not enough. When you unzip fpse (with Expander) you should see fpse4 folder.
You need to create lib folder next to fpse binary and symlink /system/lib/ to this folder (and rename it to just
Again you can do it either via Tracker or from Terminal like this:

cd /boot/home/Desktop/fpse4
mkdir lib
ln -s /system/lib/ lib/

After that running:

fpse -?
works just fine. Haven’t investigated it any further.

Indeed, unlike Haiku, most Linux distros have been packaging their software much more sanely for years… it will take Haiku a while to catch up.


i think is not the right point to say go with linux, because package management ist bad. Haiku is alpha and the package management is at his beginning!

I didn’t say package management was bad. I am under the impression the user is looking for a broad range of third-party software, and this isn’t something Haiku or Haikuware can offer; anymore. As he states (and lots of other people), a lot of the software at Haikuware doesn’t work on post package management releases. In that case, and as he, umccullough, and I state, Ubuntu may be a better choice at this point - of course, the future may be different.