How to keep Web+ in fullscreen?

I should have asked this years ago, and I’m not quite certain why I haven’t yet… but does anyone know how to keep WebPositive in fullscreen by default, or use hey, etc. to automate this task?

For instance, with Web+, I like that I can zoom (i.e. maximize) the window or do Fullscreen from the menus, but I can’t launch it this way each time. I tried /boot/system/apps/WebPositive --help but this simply loads my try as a URL. There’s no manual entry for Web+ either; tried “man WebPositive”.

My eventual hope would be to make a landing page with links in here, kind of similar or like what BeIA had. Thanks, all.

This is possible with ‘hey’.

First you have to find out which window is the actual window with your website. This can be done by checking the window titles with:

hey WebPositive get Title of Window [0]

Increase the “[0]”, until you find the right one. You may have to abort hey with CTRL-C if it doesn’t return. For me, the main window is Window [4].

Looking at the WebPositive source, the BMessage for toggling fullscreen is ‘tgfs’. You can send this message with:

hey WebPositive let Window [4] do 'tgfs'

You can put that into a script (or your /boot/home/config/settings/boot/UserBootscript to boot right into it):

WebPositive & waitfor "w>Downloads" hey WebPositive let Window [4] do 'tgfs'


but it would be fine to have such a default setting in web+ included.

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Thanks for the reply!