How to install LAME or GOGO encoders in Haiku?

Trying to install LAME and GOGO encoders in Haiku, but can only find information on installing them in BeOS, from the Haiku-Ware website. Is either encoder for BeOS from Haiku-Ware compatible with Haiku, and is the installation the same procedure? Thanks

Hello. You can get the Lame enconder from different sources: If you know how to compile it, you cant get it from HaikuPorts: Look at: haikuports / media-sound / lame /

Another way (easier), is get the binaries form Haikuware. In the following links, you can get it:

If you need more help or have another questions, please ask us.
Good luck! :slight_smile:

Hi and thanks for the links. I downloaded and installed the zip file from the second link (I don’t know how to compile anything from the first link), but it doesn’t show the lame file. I also tried a file-search of my Haiku partition, but it only found the older BeOS version of lame that I downloaded previously and placed in /boot/Home/config/bin. Thanks for any help.

Find lame here: