How to get WebPositive to work with VMWare Fusion on OS X

Any trick to get WebPositive or any Internet apps to work on a virtual machine using VMWare Fusion on OS X? I am on the newest Haiku VM that has WebPositive but it appears to not tag onto the OS X internet settings to get on the net.


Did you create a VM in VMware Fusion or are you using the pre-made VM from this site? If you used the VM from this site it should work without a problem(it worked for me in Fusion 2). If you created your own VM in VMware Fusion you need to change the network adapter to “e1000” in the VMX file. Here is a how-to link for you:

ethernet0.virtualDev = “e1000”

That worked. Thanks!

BTW, I did get the VM from here but had to add that new text anyway.