How to generate a unique id for hpkr files

Hello together,
as we noticed some repos did not go to the last.
The problem is solved first, at least from the BeSly side.
There will now be a field in the hpkr file which makes the repo clearly recognizable.
The field is identifer.

How can you create a clear value for it?
It stays for a lifetime?

I want to update the file for the next generatition.

Regards lorglas

Hi Lorglas,

There is a simple solution for this kind of problem.


Yes, it has to remain unique forever.
So, you have multiple choices:

  • Using the http URL of the repo. Works, but is confusing because the repo can be mirorred or moved
  • Using an uuid URI (of the form “uuid:a lot of hex digits”). Works, but is a bit unreadable.
  • Using a TAG URI. The format is “tag:domain,date:some text”. For example “,2020:packages/haiku/r1beta2”. You are free to organize the tags for your domain any way you want after the second :. The first part of the URI makes sure your tags do not clash with anyone else, as long as you own the domain at the specified date. So it is easy to generate manually.
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