How to enable right click?

I installed Haiku on my Macbook Pro 2008 model. It has a single button and right clicking doesn’t work with two fingers or with Control/Option/Command keys.
I’ve looked in the Mouse preferences and there’s nothing there to remedy this.

Is there a way to enable the right click?

Hi Sir Gan,

there isn’t a global shortcut to simulate a right button click. Tracker does it via CTRL-click or by simply holding the mouse button for a second. As different apps use modifier keys for different functions, see WonderBrush for example, doing it globally via modifier key doesn’t work.
Doing it via two-finger tab might be feasible, at least we already support two-finger scrolling. See Touchpad preferences.
I suggest to file an enhancement ticket. Until then, I recommend a 3-button USB-mouse. :slight_smile:


the only current solution when using a Mac is get a mouse

You mean get a 2-button mouse?

Under BeOS on a Macintosh, the right click was done with option and command both pressed while clicking. Not sure if Haiku does the same.