How to do after flashing the USB? I got error

After flashing the USB stick with Balena Etcher, I reboot into that USB… but got error:

PANIC : did not find any boot partitions

How actually to do this ? Thanks much before

I don’t know if these help, but at least you can have a try:

  • Verify downloaded image by comparing sha256 checksum
  • Burn the image to another USB stick
  • If you plan to boot in UEFI mode, turn on CSM support

+1 @masaol … I have specific USB flash sticks that won’t boot specific computers, and still no idea why. Flashing to a different stick has helped me in the past.

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I have a computer that would refuse to boot anything other than Windows from USB. I’m forced to intially install from DVD on this. Another option would be making a small HDD partition to burn the image to and boot that to install.

W jaki sposób nagrywałeś obraz?
użyłeś dd lub Etcher?