How to distribute an application for Haiku users?


That my question. How distribute an application For Haiku? That can be my own app or a ported app?
The nice format to distribute it? Wiche servers?
How add my app in Haiku Depot for distribut in it also if developpers can do it?


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Haiku’s package format HPKG is the preferred format. There’s a “package” command you can use if you prefer to package it all yourself.
More reliable and automated is to use Haikuporter/Haikuports to create the HPKG. If you submit your “recipe” to haikuports, it’ll be built automtically and appear in the HaikuDepot.

Of course, you can also have the HPKG downloadable from a website, or even host your own repository. There are a few besides Haikuports, see the Software Sites page.


There is our hpkgcreator on the besly software repo too. With this app you can create a package using a gui for pkgman.

You can use it to create single hpkg files for testing and for you own repo server.



Ok I have succeeded to port a Unix (command line) software. but the hyerarchy of the folders don’t correspond to the folders on Haiku Beos. There is a bin executable file in one folder and it take library from a parent folder…after go search for a library file…When I change the defaut bin folder or library folder in the makefile the software don’t run. bun when I leave all at default that run. so the executable is Ok. But how create links in Haiku beos…I have think about add environnement variables but not sure if it can work.

If you have a page about adding environnement variable it’s welcome…Also a page about the hierarchy of Haiku folders beos is welcome too. For the moment I am trying to guess from what I see about it. If I understand I must install app in non-packaged folder

Only non-packaged if you want to test or install by hand.

If you install the bin about a hpkg it will be installed to /system/…

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I dont understand the Makefile and source-code of the software seem dont have any words matching with the special librarys path but after compiling the software it give me every time the same path for the librarys file he need.

I had used a grep command for search the words in sources, I want to change the librarys source directorys of the tool.

Is it possible make Makefile set the librarys paths by the network?

Ok I must to clean the previous compiled objects files I think with make clean, make uninstall and make distclean.
Then, after a new make and make install; the compiled program works with my own directorys

But I can’t acces to system/bin directorie from make that it seem.
And have put it in system/non-packaged…/bin…/lib

So, I don’t really understand how can I create a dpkg file that install the soft proprely in the users stations, if I must compile it to the non-packaged directory.

The Problem is that you does not know that all installed file (hpkg and system folders) are virtual. Every startup they hang in again. The home and non-packaged are in the harddisk. If you use a always available lib or other data you does not need to install it again, only add as dependencies make sense. Files only working with your app should be included the hpkg file so it will be virtual add then install.

Don’t really understand how Haiku can keep my installed apps then.

So, Now I try to make an HKPG package and distribution but I have 1 troubles.

I try to understand Haikuports.

Then HKPG Creator return me also an error when I attempt to create a HKPG package (the final step).

Maybe it is the right moment to read the user guide then.

That was HPKGCreator error

I have finish to create a HPKG file but I don’t find a way to add it in this website: besly depot.

The Haikuport is the only way to distribute to Haiku users? (I have difficult to understand this app with the ‘recipe’ system) and my HPKG file is already done.

If you like to add it in our repo server you need to contact us and asking tobput it here.


If you like to add it in our repo server you need to contact us and asking tobput it here.

Have you personnally access to one of the reposity?
I have two HPKG files ready.

This (and the whole wiki) could help to understand how recipes work, and how to publish them in haikuports:


Note that if you don’t want to get into recipes, you can also open a ticket at haikuports github repo asking for help for packaging your application.

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Note, not every one is using secondary repositories, if you want it to end up in HaikuDepot it’s best to create a recipe using haikuporter, if you need help there, there are plenty to help you out :slight_smile: