How to connect my phone to haiku


the title pretty much explain it all but i will be more clear,

i have a phone that uses mtp for connecting to the pc but is not working in haiku. for my external hdd i just need to mount the device to make it work but this is not working for my phone,
i have seen that on haikudepot there are some mtp packages but they didn’t solve my question

so, is there a way to connect the phone to haiku or i need to use something else? (because in linux i just need to plug it)

just for the record my phone is a jolla phone with sailfish os (not android) :slight_smile:


There is no mtp support in Haiku, yet.


oh, ok,thank you…


I have a Wiko phone (Android). When connecting via USB, I can choose (on the phone) “Charging”, “File transfers” or “Photo transfers (PTP)”.
With the latter, I have limited success to at least get to some of the camera’s photos with “PhotoGrabber”. It doesn’t show all photos and the download doesn’t seem to work, so it’s not really much use.
Maybe it works better with your phone.


Otherwise, until MTP get builtin support in Haiku, there is a libmtp package available on HaikuDepot, which comes with command-lines tool like mtp-getfile and mtp-sendfile.


thanks for your answers…some advice on how to use that package from depot?

will try photograb anyway…thanks too…


Should be fairly straight forward to port using userlandfs and libmtp.


thanks, probably it is just what i need, until they implement mtp into the file browser…i will take a look at it…